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HDMI to QAM Modulator with Wifi Out
HDMI to QAM modulator with full HD support and Wifi output
Low Compression Wireless HDMI
Transport of HDMI over short distances, up to 100 ft.
Wireless Transport of HDMI
Transport of HDMI signals over Wireless links up to 40 miles line of sight
Wireless Transport of DVB ASI
Wireless Transport of DVB ASI MPEG Transport Streams.
HD-SDI over Wireless
Transport of HD-SDI video over Wireless signals
Component Video over Coax Modulator
Video over Coax, HD QAM Modulator with inputs for VGA, Component, S-Video, or composite Video
2 Ch Video Over Coax QAM Modulator
The H-2V-QAM is a duel channel QAM modulator and digital multiplexer.
HD Video to 8VSB Modulator
Modulation of all HD signal types to an off air compatible 8VSB modulated channel.
Compact IP Decoder Set Top Box
High Definition IP Set Top Box for decoding IP streams from an encoder. This unit can be easily mounted behind a display to bring HDMI connectivity to remote locations for displaying network content.
DVI or VGA over IP
Transport of DVI or VGA High Definition Video Signals Through IP Based Networks.